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In addition to escape rooms, we develop special emotional experience and event concepts for companies and institutions.

We want to create experiences in completely new areas, e.g. stationary and mobile escape rooms for hotels, bars and interactive outdoor and indoor concepts

for e.g. parks, zoos, museums, festivals, inner cities.


Interactive city rallies, route plans, information concepts

We make places interactive. Special GPS-based software can be used for this purpose, which can be used in conjunction with tablets or smartphones and supports the latest technologies such as augmented reality.

But we also develop analog concepts that allow the user to interactively immerse themselves in a story.


City Rally “Mission Christmas Market”

The park puzzle “Pückler’s Legacy”

Puzzle chest “The Hunt for the Golden Book”
Outdoor Rally"Wuhlheide murder case"


Interactive tours in parks, museums, zoos, city centers, hiking trails


Escape rooms

We develop escape room concepts for all areas.

Whether for escape room operators or hotel operators, institutions, companies, festivals, public places.

In addition, our existing concepts can be implemented for you.


Cottbus puzzle room

Escape Mobile “Hangover”

Mobile puzzles


Escape room in a hotel

Escape room on a cruise ship


Conception and creation of team events

We develop and operate emotional team concepts with a focus on team building for the B2B but also B2C sector.

Our team building programs are primarily about arousing emotions and motivating participants to work together as a team through fun and excitement.


Puzzle lesson

Graffiti workshop “Color City”

Painting workshop “ColourArt”

Action date

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