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On a mission through Dresden with new people.

Experience our outdoor escape games in Dresden with other fun participants!

Visit and discover Dresden in a completely new way! You and a group of up to 10 other adventurers go on an exciting tour of discovery on the banks of the Elbe or through the old town of Dresden and solve tricky tasks and puzzles.

Can you pass? Or does the mission fail?


Are you visiting Dresden alone or are you visiting Dresden as a couple or small group? Do you want to meet new people?


Then our open outdoor escape games in Dresden are just right for you! What happens when you send different people together on an exciting outdoor escape game mission through Dresden? We tell you: It will be one of the most impressive experiences in Dresden for you with interesting and open people! 

Your task will be to complete a series of puzzles and tests as a team. These tasks are hidden in different places in Dresden's old town or on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden and you have to track them down together - similar to a scavenger hunt.

To find them, the team receives an iPad and a mission case!
These tools will help you navigate along a route through the Old Town of Dresden or the Japanese Palace, find the right places and solve the tricky tasks. You only have 120 minutes!

Depending on the game, 3-10 people are recommended per iPad. If more people register for the event, you can complete the mission with several teams - together or against each other! Fun is guaranteed here!



1. You come to your meeting point (be sure to be there 15 minutes before your appointment!)

2. You will be welcomed by our staff and given precise instructions and tips

and aids. If you are more than 8-9 people, then you will be divided into small teams.

3. When there are no questions left unanswered, you can get started - you go off alone

4. You are on a puzzle tour for about 2 hours - a game leader welcomes you and takes the materials back from you.

5. Afterwards you can visit one of the numerous well-known restaurants

“Thank you for the great experience!
I was alone in Dresden and had a super exciting afternoon with cool people!” 

—  Mark, email


Meeting point at the Golden Rider. If you would like to book an escape game in a private group, you can do so here:

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